Puzzle: How to Maintain Individuals in the Adaptive Mode

We have seen a radical transformation in the individuals when they shift to a more adaptive mode. We have seen this in the school teacher when she was baking cookies, other individuals participating in a play or talent show, or sports, individuals talking leadership roles, in the bracketing of the NCAA playoffs. The major challenge for us all is to try to figure out a way of maintaining the individuals in an adaptive mode. It is quite true of course, that they can’t be cooking, gardening, playing, or acting all the time, but is it possible when they are no longer in one of these modes for us to be able to provide other adaptive modes for them. It seems that the adaptive mode is highly competitive with the regressive mode, which usually dominates them. So, the trick seems to be able to activate or create a mode that will compete successfully with the regressive mode and be maintained when they are not in an active role. I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts on this subject.