Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy was Described in NAMI’s March 2016 Blog Segment

NAMI’s March 2016 Blog posted an article authored by Drs. Beck and Grant about the efficacy of treating psychosis with Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R). In it, Drs. Beck and Grant expound upon their understanding of how defeatist and asocial beliefs, which result in a lack of motivation, directly feed the prominence of a person’s negative symptoms. Historically, there was little hope for recovery or improvement of an individual’s quality of life when treating these cases. Drs. Beck and Grant are changing that. 

Through their use of the newly-developed CT-R, Drs. Beck and Grant outline their methodology of thinking: if maladaptive defeatist and asocial beliefs can be addressed, perhaps a marked improvement in negative symptoms could be observed. After multiple interventions with countless patients, Drs. Beck and Grant feel confident that this approach could have lasting and far-reaching positive results. 

They describe a case of an individual with severe negative symptoms following a CT-R invention:

“An individual who spent most of his time sitting in a chair staring at the wall: after decades of little progress, he was able to succeed in the community, and in fact, had a girlfriend and was able to get a job … This program is a new approach that can provide hope of recovery from this very disabling disorder for even the most withdrawn individuals.”

To access full article: Transformation: Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy for Schizophrenia

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