Network Service Program

  1. The objective is to coordinate the various services in each facility so that the activities of each of the personnel are coordinated with the other personnel. In other words, they work as a team as part of the integrated network program. The team operates within the same type of framework, as say a basketball team, with each of the personnel coordinating their actions with those of the other members of the team. This is based on an integrated treatment program for each of the individuals. The integrated treatment program is based on an integrated case formulation.
  2. The same type of coordination and integration that takes place within each individual facility is also part of the comprehensive treatment program for the entire network. Thus, an individual can move from a more restrictive to a less restrictive environment and receive the same type of treatment program. a) This represents a step beyond the standard approach which is to simply train clinicians. Our idea is to train super-clinicians, along with super-instructors, and ultimately, super-supervisors.