Working with Staff

I.Theoretical Background: Specific Staff Schemas

a. Activate Adaptive Schema

1.Beliefs and attitudes ( schemas)

2.Meaningful Aspirations,goals and interests

b.Evaluate the Negative Schemas

1.Devalue self-concept

2.Negativistic, dysfunctional beliefs:maladaptive attitudes, negative values etc.

II. Within the above framework, change culture and behavior of staff

a.Changing staff attitudes and behavior

1.Previous indoctrination: safety, health, nutrition, compliance

b.Authoritarian style to implement the training

1.Emphasis on discipline, reward, and punishment

2. Focus on the individual’s negative behaviors and report these to other members of staffa.Individuals aggressivenessb.Non-compliance with medication or rule of safety

c.Overall non-complianced.The problem here is that the staff emphasized the problematic behaviors and tend to characterize the patients in terms of these selective problematic behaviors

III.Switch of Focus to Individuals’ Positive Behaviors, Attitudes, etc.

a.Discuss patients’ behavior at their best

b.Focus on reporting positive behaviors

c.Elicit from the patients their interests, goals, aspirations, etc.

d.As so far as possible, translate pejorative attitudes into more humanistic terms

1. For example, aggressiveness translated into assertiveness, regressive behavior into self-preoccupation, withdrawn behavior into self-protective, etc. These latter dynamics can be utilized by helping the individual into a more adaptive frame.

Note: some of the behaviors viewed pejoratively can be a sign of strength. For example, assertiveness by the individual may seem problematic but could very well be a sign of strength.

IV. Move individual from Patient Mode to Adaptive Mode

a. Talk about goals, values, etc.

b.Outline activities to fulfill the patient’s yearnings and values.

c.Neutralize the avoidance by inspiring group activities.