Recovery and the Disease vs. Psychosocial Disorder: Concept of Schizophrenia

A person’s view of schizophrenia and recovery is often dependent on whether they view schizophrenia primarily as a disease or a disorder. The choice of concepts depends on the level of analysis. If one focuses on schizophrenia as a disease, then the various elements such as attenuationof connection from Prefrontal cortexto Amygdala, the thinning of the cortex, the strong genetic component, the overflow of Dopamine into thebrain, and the poor performance on various tests. This model is used to explain delusions,hallucinations, aggressive and violentbehavior, and bizarrebehavior, andthe responsiveness of these behaviors to anti-psychotic drugs. Thebiopsycho-social model on the other hand explains the role of environmental stress (avariety of early traumatic experiences, 2ndgeneration immigrants, etc.). Various psychological factors account for the negative symptoms as well as contribute to the contentof the positive symptoms.