Utilizing Aspirations

The aspirations are a therapeutic modality in their own right. They not only serve as an organizing principle for charting one’s behavior, but can arouse and fortify the adaptive mode.Here are some steps I suggest for activating the aspirations. Please indicate your comments, corrections, and additions to each of the below statements. I intend this outline as a preliminary, not a final statement.

1.Describe the aspiration in as much detail as possible.

2.Questions: How strongly do you want to have the aspiration fulfilled? How likely is it? (optional).

3.If possible, image the fulfillment of the aspiration.

4.Experience the fulfillment as though it is happening right now (in the image if possible).

5.Describe the feelings associated with the scenario: content, happy, excited, etc.

6.Describe the meaning of the fulfilled aspiration: connected, belonging, taking charge of one’s life, making a difference, helping others, achieving.

7.Note the personal attributes attributable to the aspiration: likable, effective, strong, sociable, etc.

8.Again, ask questions: How strongly do you want to have the aspiration fulfilled? How likely is it? (optional). Given the emotions and the meanings, can you think of an activity right now that could have dissimilar meaning and emotion?

If indicated, the clinician should summarize the aspirations, meanings, feelings, etc. and if possible draw conclusions about the individual’s personal attributes, etc.

As noted above, please send your comments and changes tome and I will revise the formulation accordingly.