Drs. Paul Grant and Ellen Inverso are leading a workshop on Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy at the Beck Instuite on April 24-26. Below is a description of the workshop. Please, visit the Beck Institute website if you want more information about registering.

Workshop description

Guided by Aaron Beck’s cognitive model, Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R) is an evidence-based practice that provides a map and concrete steps to promote recovery and resiliency for individuals experiencing extensive behavioral, social, and physical health challenges. CT-R is highly collaborative, person-centered, and strengths-based, being specifically tailored for those who have a history of feeling disconnected and distrustful of service providers.

You will learn how to access and energize adaptive modes of living, how to use the Socratic process to elicit transformative life aspirations, how to promote daily action that achieves purpose and meaning, and how to empower and develop resilience in the face of behavioral, social, and physical challenges. CT-R applies across the age-span in individual, group, and team-based applications in community-based teams and agencies, acute and long-term inpatient units, correctional settings, and integrative health.