Adaptive/Maladaptive Spectrum-Modes

  1. As many of the team has pointed out, the individuals we are supervising may have a combination of adaptive and maladaptive features at any one time.
  2. In conceptualizing the individual at a given time, you might specify that the individual is in the more intense adaptive part of the spectrum or maladaptive or is completely in the adaptive or maladaptive mode.
  3. I have toyed with what word to use for maladaptive behaviors. It seems that the word psychotic is inappropriate because it does not apply to the withdrawal and aggressive behavior but only to the positive symptoms. We have tried to avoid the use of the word patient as in Patient Mode and have used the word maladaptive beliefs and behaviors etc. I would the use of the term maladaptive mode to the regressive, psychotic mode or patient mode. I realize that this term is used across the broad spectrum of DSM diagnoses, but I do feel it has the best fit for our population. Let me know if you agree or disagree with this statement.