The Aaron T. Beck Psychopathology Research Center (ATB-PRC) advances Dr. Beck’s revolutionary and transformative work. Developing and testing the cognitive model, creating measures, and developing effective therapies as well as validating, disseminating and implementing Cognitive Therapy (CT) protocols — that has had the profound impact worldwide upon researchers, practitioners, and mental health consumers across a wide range of mental health concerns. The overarching research mission of the ATB-PRC is to advance the science behind innovative applications of evidence-based practices to promote recovery, resiliency, and flourishing, as well as prevent suicide, in the face of pressing public health needs. Center activities specifically focus on improving the lives of individuals with severe mental illness, those who are socially and economically disadvantaged, and people who are at high risk for suicide. To support this global health aim, the Center has received numerous research and training grants and contracts and comprised of three teams.