Emma Higgins, Psy.D.

Dr. Emma Higgins is a postdoctoral fellow that received her Bachelors in Psychology from Monmouth University and her Psy. D. in Clinical Psychology from Immaculata University. She completed her APA accredited internship at Drexel University Counseling Center where she provided therapy to undergraduate and graduate students, outreach services to students and faculty, and clinical supervision to practicum level clinicians. Dr. Higgins’ dissertation focused on incorporating mindfulness and meditation principles and techniques into couple’s therapy. Dr. Higgins has worked with diverse clinical populations, and specifically felt the gratification of supporting individuals with schizophrenia in feeling more connected with themselves, with others, and with the community. Through her work, she became aware of the clinical and systemic challenges in recovery for this population, and she has since felt passionate about researching and advocating for enhancing treatment options for individuals who are struggling the most. Dr. Higgins is passionate about facilitating the clinical application of psychological research and utilizing Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy.

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