Keith Bredemeier, Ph.D.

KBDr. Keith Bredemeier received his Ph.D. in clinical/community psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He completed his predoctoral clinical internship at the Brown Clinical Psychology Training Consortium, followed by a postdoctoral research fellowship there in the Department of Psychosocial Research. Dr. Bredemeier joined the Aaron T. Beck Psychopathology Research Center as an NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow in 2014, and is now a Research Associate working with Drs. Beck and Grant. During his time at the Center, he has served as a study therapist on a clinical trial of Cognitive Therapy for suicidal older men, as well as a training consultant in Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy.

Dr. Bredemeier’s program of research explores cognitive traits/deficits associated with anxiety, depression, suicidality, and psychosis. In particular, he is interested in elucidating difficulties with attention and executive control that might contribute to the etiology of these problems, and thus might be targets for novel treatments. Further, Dr. Bredemeier is beginning to explore the interplay between basic cognitive abilities (e.g., attention, memory) and higher-order cognition (e.g., beliefs, insight), and the potential implications of this interplay for the development and treatment of psychopathology.

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