Approaches to “Acting Out” Behavior

Acting out behavior (a term not used in the pejorative sense) refers to maladaptive behaviors’ ranging from self-mutilation, swallowing objects, cursing and striking out at other people, etc. This category of behaviors shares commonality in that their intended purpose is the attempted alleviation of distressing feelings through inflicting damage on one’s self or on another […]

A Large Percentage of Self-Mutilation & Aggressive Behavior is Based on Borderline Personality Beliefs

Hypothesis It has occurred to me in hearing about the self-mutilation and aggressive behavior that they follow a pathway of vulnerability -> stress. The vulnerability is based on dysfunctional attitudes such as, “if people disregard my wishes, they are hostile to me,” or “if people don’t respond to me, it means they don’t like me.”  When […]

Thoughts on Dealing with Aggressive Behavior

One of the most common problems we have faced on the services is the control of aggressive behavior by the individuals. For the most part, external controls, such as restraint and administration of medication have been utilized. Our goal is to: a) minimize the provocations by the staff, by explaining to them the various triggers […]