Disabling Social and Performance Attitudes as a Cause of Negative Symptoms

We have found that negative attitudes about the self, such as social ineptness and belief in one’s own incompetence leads to one’s poor performance on IQ and academic tests. Thus, the negative symptoms in schizophrenia can be attributed to these negatively biased attitudes about the self and performance. A recent paper by our group entitled:What […]

The coherence network

The coherence network consists of a collection of beliefs that cohere to one another and can be subsumed under the same category. For example, an individual has a number of unpleasant experiences in his family and hears from someone else that members of his family seem to dislike him. The conclusion, which binds together the […]

Dysfunctional Beliefs: Causal Role in Negative Symptoms and Neurocognitive Impairments

A cluster of related beliefs forms a direct path to the negative symptoms. Defeatist beliefs lead to loss of purpose and goals. An expectation of lack of satisfaction leads to anhedonia. The belief in social alienation leads to asociality. The general defeatist beliefs, lead to amotivation, leading to inactivity. The probable sequence is that people […]

The Contrasting role of dysfunctional negative beliefs and positive beliefs in Schizophrenia

Summary We have observed that individuals react in a positive way to stimulating experiences.  They become more animated, cheerful, and reasonable, when participating in stimulating activities, such as playing games, preparing meals, and engaging in group sports.  In fact, they are indistinguishable from the line staff when they are engaged collaboratively in these endeavors.  It […]

Schemas, Dysfunctional Attitudes, & Voices

The individual forms negative schemas, which can be uncovered by testing the self-concept and dysfunctional beliefs. The negative self-concept, at some point, provides the content for the voices. The negative self-concept is represented in the defeatist beliefs. The appearance of defeatist beliefs and the experience of voices can appear concomitantly or separately. The negative self-concept, […]

Dysfunctional Beliefs and Vulnerability

 We have observed that individuals can function at a normal level when they are totally engaged in a play, sport, or other group activity; however, it is obvious that they still remain vulnerable as indicated by the fact that they return to a regressive mode when they are not thoroughly engaged. The adaptive mode and […]