A New Way of Looking at Schizophrenia

Prevailing View: The individual has irrational beliefs and inappropriate or bizarre behavior.  These features are viewed as encrusted into the individual and affect the way he believes, behaves, and feels. Low-Functioning individuals with the negative symptoms are similarly seen as stuck at this level of functioning and, therefore, not amenable to very much change. A […]

The Term Disengagement

As you know, I favor the term “disengagement” in describing our chronic population, even though some are not a withdrawn-for example, the more combative individuals—are disengaged from other people (and in a broader sense from society). The disengagement is characterized by a) a more global loss of interest in the outside world and future goals, […]

Disengagement and Low-Functioning

One of the questions we need to confront is what are the internal psychological mechanisms that are involved in the individual’s low-functioning? For the most part, the low-functioning is a direct consequence of the individual’s disengagement from their environment. At a global, the disengagement involves a loss of interest in the types of activities and […]