Differences between Depression and Negative Syndrome of Schizophrenia

The literature shows a very wide disparity in the frequency of both depression and the negative syndrome in schizophrenia (Patel et.al, 2015, Kirkpatrick et.al, 2006, An der Heiden, Leber, & Häfner, 2016, Foussias &Remington, 2010, Sonmez et.al, 2016). The current conclusion is that there is a wealth of similarity in the behavior in both conditions […]

Factor II of the Negative Symptoms

As you know, there are two factors of the negative symptoms: the first factor has been labeled “experience,” and it has to do with the conscious experience of not wanting to do anything, avoidance, anhedonia, asociality, etc. In a sense, the individual makes a conscious decision not to become more active, generally based on defeatist […]

Factors of Negative Syndrome and their Significance

In recent years there have been at least 4 factor analyses of the negative symptoms schedules or checklists. While the titles differ, the analyses yield two factors; the first labeled avolition, includes avolition, apathy, anhedonia (see below), asociality, and diminished activity. The second factor, labeled social expressiveness, has to do with the physical movements or […]

Formulation of Symptoms of Negative Syndrome

In thinking of the description and treatment (and course) of the negative syndrome, consider the following: John H. has been hospitalized for over four years. When introduced to his therapist, he is slouched in an armchair in the corner, staring vacantly into space, and apparently detached from the immediate environment. When questioned, by the therapist, […]

Schizophrenia: Question “Deterioration of Brain” Due to Negative Symptoms

Simplistic explanation: if you don’t use your brain, it’s like a muscle it atrophies over time. Increasing the activity of the brain increases its bulk The “cause”of the inactivity has to do with the negative symptoms. The sequence is defeatist attitudes —> reduced motivation —> reduced activity. The reduction in acidity involves diminished focusing, diminished […]