Modifying Staff Attitudes and Behavior

Chronic/Persistent Staff Attitudes towards Individuals (particularly in crisis situations): Anxious: catastrophizing “Things will get out of control”, may be reprimanded by supervisor or lose job unless individual is brought under control. Hopeless:“Nothing I do seems to work with these individuals. They are not able to improve”. Apathetic:“It is justa job. Check in in the morning […]

Working with Staff

I.Theoretical Background: Specific Staff Schemas a. Activate Adaptive Schema 1.Beliefs and attitudes ( schemas) 2.Meaningful Aspirations,goals and interests b.Evaluate the Negative Schemas 1.Devalue self-concept 2.Negativistic, dysfunctional beliefs:maladaptive attitudes, negative values etc. II. Within the above framework, change culture and behavior of staff a.Changing staff attitudes and behavior 1.Previous indoctrination: safety, health, nutrition, compliance b.Authoritarian style […]

Network Service Program

The objective is to coordinate the various services in each facility so that the activities of each of the personnel are coordinated with the other personnel. In other words, they work as a team as part of the integrated network program. The team operates within the same type of framework, as say a basketball team, […]

Staff Attitudes

Dear All, I have increasingly been reinforced in my belief that part of the withdrawal and low-functioning of our individuals is a) because of staff attitudes, they are not exposed to “normal experiences,” such as going to McDonald’s, and b)the staff attitudes are contagious. If they receive the message that they are not competent or […]