Old approach versus new approach

Our old approach, which probably resembles CBTp in a number of respects, concentrates on reflection and disqualification of the negative beliefs, especially those underlying the psychotic symptoms. Our new approach concentrates on building up positive beliefs that will fit into the broad categories of increasing self-confidence, improving self-empowerment and increasing hope as well as individual […]

Setbacks, relapses, and resilience

How often have we observed an individual who is well on his/her way towards the path of recovery who then experiences an unforeseen relapse in response to new challenges? When a setback occurs, the individual moves into the negative syndrome mode and the psychotic mode may be exacerbated. Consequently, the various systems ( cognitive, effective, […]

Hot and Cold cognition

Recently there has been increased attention to the theory of hot and cold cognition, especially exemplified in the volume by Kahneman on fast and slow thinking. This reminded me of my initial foray into this area. I noted in particular, relevance to anxiety and anger that interpose between the stimulus and the emotion was an […]

A Rapid Switch to the Adaptive Mode: A Case StudY

Case History: In late December, John took a trip outside his residence to a local corner store, accompanied by two people: a staff member (1:1) and a member of the Beck team. The staff member was hesitant about the trip, given that upon exiting the residence John was yelling apparently random and irrational words and […]

Schizophrenia and depression

Schizophrenia and depression overlap in many ways. First of all, the negative symptoms and dysfunctional attitudes are essentially the same in both conditions. Factor II of the negative symptoms is also similar in the two conditions: flat affect, alogia, and reduction of social gestures. The main difference seems to be apathy, which is characteristic of […]

When Grandiose Thinking etc. is a Compensation or feelings of Unworthiness etc.: the impact of conventional thinking

Dear all, We often wonder whether a certain proportion of individuals sink into a state of low-functioning (negative symptoms), which are apparently intractable and, in many cases, worsen of over time. I wonder whether the conventional treatment—although it may seem necessary at times—tends to reinforce the psychosis and low-functioning. Thus, our institutionalized patients (hospital, structured […]

Puzzle: How to Maintain Individuals in the Adaptive Mode

We have seen a radical transformation in the individuals when they shift to a more adaptive mode. We have seen this in the school teacher when she was baking cookies, other individuals participating in a play or talent show, or sports, individuals talking leadership roles, in the bracketing of the NCAA playoffs. The major challenge […]