The Aaron T. Beck Psychopathology Research Center is a world-class research unit that seeks to advance the study of cognitive therapy and treatment for mental illness. We welcome those with an interest in Cognitive Therapy, severe mental illness and psychological research to work with us. Positions are available for volunteers, part-time and full-time employment. Job descriptions will be posted if they are available. All applicants should apply through the University of Pennsylvania Jobs@Penn. Applications sent directly to the PRC will not be considered for employment.

Postdoctoral Fellowships
The PRC offers Postdoctoral Research Fellowships for individuals who have a significant interest in cognitive therapy, dissemination, schizophrenia and suicide research. Applicants should have an MD, PhD, PsyD or equivalent degree and experience with cognitive therapy and psychological/psychiatric research. Opportunities for basic, effectiveness and dissemination research are available. See the Fellowships page for more information.

Work-Study Opportunities
The PRC may have positions available during the academic year for students of the University of Pennsylvania . Work-Study participants assist with studies and office duties while learning about psychological and psychiatric research from world-renowned professors and researchers. If positions are available, postings for Work-Study students can be found at the University of Pennsylvania Student Employment website.